Transforming Children’s Lives through Language Comprehension

Read Right from the Start Empowers Teachers to Reshape Future Generations

Georgia’s children are in trouble. Nearly 30% drop out of high school. The problem is that too few children, particularly those from low-income families, are taught critical language and vocabulary skills starting at a young age. Yes, in most instances, we can point to that one thing.

Studies prove that language development by 3rd grade is a key factor in how well a child will do throughout school. In fact, failure to meet 3rd grade reading level standards is a key predictor that a child will one day drop out of school. Naturally, that child then faces nearly insurmountable odds as he tries to find good employment and eventually support his own family.

Read Right from the Start gives your teachers strategies that can change the outcomes for children. Our free online continuing education courses for infant through pre-k teachers provide practical strategies and classroom activities to promote language, vocabulary, comprehension and literacy for young children.

Focused on engaging students in meaningful conversations to promote and extract vocabulary and develop comprehension, Read Right from the Start represents a revolutionary shift in teachers’ interactions with children. We encourage children to find and use their voices to express themselves…to talk to teachers, to talk to classmates. It creates exciting opportunities to build and demonstrate language skills and the results are exceptional.

When we applied Read Right from the Start at Drew Charter School in Atlanta, 100% of students scored within or above expected developmental levels for language development, beginning sound awareness and vocabulary.

Help change the future for the children in your program. Find out how to launch Read Right from the Start in your school today.