Launching Read Right from the Start in Your School

Adopting Teaching Strategies that Forever Change the Course of Children’s Lives


Read Right from the Start teaching strategies help children develop language and vocabulary skills that will serve them for the rest of their lives. The program is a perfect fit for any early childhood education program and it’s easy to implement, but it all starts with you.

Contact Read Right from the Start today to discuss how our online continuing education program can be applied at your location. We may even be able to assign a course facilitator to assist with setup and on-site training sessions.

Teachers and parents love this program and are excited about the results they see in their children…

Beyond that, Read Right from the Start provides a simple and convenient way for your teachers to earn continuing education credits. Courses are self-paced and easy to follow so educators can fit them into their busy schedules. Best of all, each lesson provides techniques they can apply in their classrooms the very next day to help children build crucial language and literacy skills.

To give your educators more information about Read Right from the Start, print this flyer or click here to send them an email.

For effective teachers, constructive classrooms and the best possible future for children, Read Right from the Start is the program for you.

Contact us today and change children’s lives forever.