Frequently Asked Questions

Can I share resources found on Read Right from the Start?

All our resources are free for the personal use of our members. If you wish to share resources as part of a professional development presentation, on a website, or any other format please review our Resource Sharing Guidelines here.

How much does it cost to take a Read Right from the Start course?

All of the Read Right from the Start courses and resources  are free! In February 2014, the James M. Cox Foundation awarded the Atlanta Speech School a $3.5 million grant. As a result of the generosity of the Cox Foundation and other philanthropies, as well as partnerships with over 100 organizations, we are able to ensure that Read Right from the Start courses are and will remain 100% free, providing universal, online access to research-based language and literacy courses and resources.

How is Read Right from the Start different from other programs?

Read Right from the Start is based on world-class research and has a record of proven results for Georgia’s children. As part of the Cox Campus, the program is 100% not-for-profit.

Is Read Right from the Start designed only for preschool and pre-k?

Read Right from the Start recognizes the impact of language on children from the moment they are born. RRFTS provides courses for infant and toddler teachers as well as preschool and pre K. We are actively developing courses for kindergarten through 3rd grade teachers.

What type of classroom is a good fit for Read Right from the Start?

Read Right from the Start is perfect for any early childhood setting. Our strategies work with children from all socioeconomic backgrounds, geographies and ethnicities, including children for whom English is not their first language or the primary language spoken at home.

How much time does Read Right from the Start require for educators?

Courses range from 2 to 4 hours to complete and broken into 10-30 minute lessons.  Lessons give teachers practical information and strategies to use in the classroom right away.  They are self-paced, so educators can pause at any point and return later. More resources including story guides, lesson plans, and classroom demonstration videos are also available.

Do teachers earn continuing education credits?

Yes. Completion of Read Right from the Start qualifies Georgia birth through pre-k teachers for Georgia Department of Early Care and Learning (DECAL) continuing education credits.

Are Read Right from the Start courses only available online?

All courses and materials are available online using desktop or laptop computers, smartphones, or tablets. In some instances, depending on the size of your program and the availability of staff, the Rollins Center for Language & Literacy may be able to provide on-site facilitators and coaches to assist your teachers along the way. Contact us to discuss this opportunity.

Is Read Right from the Start currently used in all Georgia schools?

Read Right from the Start is used in many schools, but certainly not enough. Research shows that application of these types of strategies is the most important change to happen to early childhood education in more than 50 years. We need your help to make sure every child in every Georgia school has access to these life-changing strategies.

How can I get Read Right from the Start used in my school?

If you’re an educator, you can start taking Read Right from the Start courses online today. If you’re a parent, talk to your child’s teacher, speak to the school administrator, write a letter to your school board. Do everything you can to bring these powerful teaching tools to children. And, if you’re an Administrator, now is the time to launch Read Right from the Start in your school.

Is Read Right from the Start only for Georgia teachers?

No, any educator of young children is invited to participate in Read Right from the Start.

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You may submit your own question on the Read Right from the Start contact page.

What is Read Right from the Start?

Read Right from the Start is one of the best methods available for developing language skills in young children. Our online courses for birth through pre-k educators provide proven classroom strategies for building vocabulary and comprehension. A program of the Rollins Center for Language & Literacy at the Atlanta Speech School, Read Right from the Start provides free online courses for all educators of young children.

What will children learn through Read Right from the Start?

Children in Read Right from the Start classrooms learn that their words and their voices are valuable. Teachers ask questions and interact with children in ways designed to expand vocabularies and encourage children to use new words to describe their lives, ideas and surroundings. By gaining a broader vocabulary, children are better capable of effectively communicating and building a foundation for important reading and comprehension skills. Without this level of vocabulary and language ability at a very young age, children go on to struggle in classes throughout school and often eventually drop out.

What is the goal of Read Right from the Start?

With your help, by the year 2020, every early childhood educator in Georgia will have the skills to effectively prepare our children to meet or exceed grade level reading requirements by the end of 3rd grade. This mark is a proven predictor of a child’s likelihood to effectively comprehend lessons throughout school in order to choose his own path in life. Children without the skills to meet this standard rarely catch up. There’s no time to lose. We call it the 2020 Promise.

What will educators learn from taking Read Right from the Start courses online?

Read Right from the Start courses provide strategies to build vocabulary and comprehension, to effectively push in and pull out language, to create learning centers within classrooms, to introduce and use phonological awareness, to select stories and books that encourage language and so much more. In each course, teachers will discover engaging and productive techniques they can apply in their classrooms the very next day.

How does Read Right from the Start work?

Read Right from the Start online courses provide educators the tools to promote, develop and pull out productive language from children. By talking with them and encouraging children to talk with each other, a richer language experience results. Read Right from the Start strategies help children gain language skills that far exceed traditional teaching environments. The results are impressive.

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