The 2020 Promise for Georgia Educators

Empowering 100% of Children to Meet 3rd Grade Reading Levels by 2020


Our mission is to fulfill the 2020 Promise. With your help, by the year 2020, every early childhood educator in Georgia will have the skills to effectively prepare each of our children to meet or exceed grade level reading requirements by the end of 3rd grade. We currently provide courses for educators of children from birth to pre-k with courses for kindergarten through 3rd grade coming in 2016.


The importance of this mission cannot be overstated. Georgia’s children – of all races, socioeconomic backgrounds and geographies – deserve the opportunity to determine their own futures. We must give them the tools to make the most of that opportunity, and studies prove that nothing is more vital than effectively teaching language and vocabulary skills.


Read Right from the Start classrooms use these research-based strategies to spark conversations with children, rather than asking them to be quiet. Children learn best when they are engaged members of the classroom and are encouraged to ask questions and solve problems together. When children hear and use new words they develop the vocabulary and comprehension they need later in life.


Read Right from the Start classrooms are very different from traditional classrooms. Children are encouraged to talk to teachers and each other. They are engaged in conversations that allow educators to teach and draw out new words. Read Right from the Start classrooms are alive with activity and feature learning centers that provide opportunities to experience new things and new ideas, leading to new words.


By 2020, we believe Georgia teachers can transform their classrooms and transform their students’ lives. We cannot accomplish our 2020 Promise, however, without the help of educators, school administrators, parents and community partners, working together to lift up our children.


What will you do today to improve the future of Georgia’s children?